Time to get busy again…

Hello! It has been a long long time since adding a new blog entry…too long! Now that I am retired (yes this was my last year teaching in a classroom) I will have more time to share ideas, links to workshops, links to my Etsy and TPT store, how to videos and more. I am excited, and I hope you are too! See you soon with lots of good things to share.
Best wishes…enjoy these final days of summer break teachers!


New school, new year

Hi! I know it has been a very, very, long time since I added anything to this blog. Sadly, I have just been terrible with keeping up. I did much better (honestly!) with my old blogger blog – not sure why. I promise to be more active!
This coming fall, I will be starting at a new school. This school has very high standards, is really into documentation, and has strong Reggio Emilia roots. I am excited for this new challenge, and will be working hard to rise up to the challenge.
Below are a few photos of my new classroom. I will share the space with a co-teacher. She is young, lovely, and full of amazing ideas. It should be a great year.
My new posts will definitely have a more montessori / reggio influence. I am excited to do research and learn more about this way of thinking and teaching.  Please share your ideas and suggestions!
Hope your summer is going well!
Best wishes…


Rainbows and Shamrocks, lucky days in Preschool!

HAPPY Simages-8PRING! I can not say that enough. After a very long, snowy and unusually cold winter here – we are certainly looking forward to all promises of Spring.  Our preschoolers have had to endure basically eight weeks of indoor recess. We are all very ready for lovely shades of green shamrocks and colorful rainbows.

Shamrocks are fun to make in many different ways. Above you can see how we used a green pepper sliced in half, hollowed out, and dipped in green paint. Simple fun. Today I saw in a couple of different places how you can use wine corks taped together. I think we will try this!  This example is from “Omaha Area Kiddie Fun.” cork shamrocks

We all love free things that we can use in the classroom. Here is a link to an awesome matching game. We use this every year around this time. It can be used as a small group activity or in your math center. In fact, ours is worn out – time to make a new one!  Visit “Preschool Printables” for your very own copy 🙂 Here is an example of shamrock cookie cutter printing  from “In Lieu of Preschool” check out the page, there are many good ideas.


Of course there are so many other good ideas. Please share your good ideas in the reply box below! I love to hear new ideas.

images-1On to rainbows!

Ah the magical rainbows, so much inspiration for great preschool activities. To the right you can see a simple reverse painting roller art project.  First I cut shapes out of clear shelf liner. Peel the backing off and lay lightly onto a large piece of roll paper. If you rub a bit of  the adhesive off on your pant leg first it helps when you go to peel it off later. I like to put several shapes scattered about the paper. Then mix up some pastel colors and let the children roll away! Once it dries, carefully peel off the shelf liner and voila!

Here is an easy yet engaging rainbow color matching game from “Pink and Green Momma.” Great for a table activity or your math center. images-11Rainbow rice, rainbow play dough, rainbow paints at the easel all carry the theme throughout your classroom.  best-play-dough-recipeimages-10 images-6

Above you can see an activity using a styrofoam square ( we love to reuse things right?!) and simple colored chenille wires with large wooden beads. I can’t remember where I first saw this (to give credit) but it is a very fun activity and the children enjoyed experimenting.

Wishing you a magical March…think Spring (March 20th) I for one can’t wait!


Hello and welcome!

Thank you for checking out the shiny new home of Play, Learn & Do in Preschool.  With the new year right around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to make a move and freshen things up a bit!  If you followed me here, thank-you! If you are a new visitor, welcome!

The idea behind P,L& D is simply that young children learn best through play.  What they learn through play,  they will in turn apply to real everyday life experiences. Play, learn and then do! I love that we can teach and create environments with intention – and build upon what the children are interested in and already know. Preschool should be fun and a perfect start to an educational journey.

My plan is to share classroom activities, links to fun and exciting activities from around the web, and other information that can be used daily in your preschool classroom or with your own young child.  This is also a way for me to personally keep track of ideas I like and want to use.

The first post will be coming soon so keep an eye out! Happy holidays!